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Open Sesame

How to open a document

I assume you know how to open an application. You probably have done so because you are reading this in a web browser.

The best way to open a document, is by using your operating system, whether it's Windows, Mac OS X, Linux or whatever. Use your operating system as usual to find your document, double click on the document, and the applications which created the documtent will open it.

Your operating system will give you a great number of different ways to open your documents, and one ore more of those are usually the best way to do it.

But sometimes it is better to open a document within an application, such as when:
- you want to force open a document with a different application the usual
- you want to import a document from a "foreign" format (more on that later)

You're in luck, because this i really easy.

Go to the File-menu, and select Open.

You are now presented with an dialogue box in which you can navigate until you find your document, and then select it for opening.

This is how the open dialog box looks like in MS Windows, this will look differently, depending on you operating system.